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Joy of Zanzibar – Michamvi, Zanzibar
Zaraya of Zanzibar – Jambiani, Zanzibar
Anna od Zanzibar – Bwejuu, Zanizbar

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Zaraya of Zanzibar - Sisters of Zanzibar

Zaraya of Zanzibar

Cozy and comfortable because it’s a tropical vacation in beautiful style. Inspired by exotic fashions, surrounded by African fashion and delighted by the community. Do what you love and do a lot of it.

JOY of Zanzibar - Sisters of Zanzibar

JOY of Zanzibar

Cheerful and reckless moments, full of spontaneous and joyful energy spent on a paradise beach, in a tropical enclave with unforgettable sunsets. Find joy in the journey.

Anna of Zanzibar - Sisters of Zanzibar

Anna of Zanzibar

Comfortable and colonial, as you forget about the world in this sustainable garden full of tropical fruits and vegetables, relax in the well-designed, spacious villas, and enjoy a unique blend of dishes prepared by an executive chef.